Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Air Conditioning Repair men working on AC
Routine maintenance on your air conditioning system helps ensure it continues operating at peak performance, which is doubly important during summer months. A well-maintained air conditioner prevents your home from becoming uncomfortably warm and your utility bills from skyrocketing. Our air conditioning service at ALH Heating & Air Conditioning includes preventive air conditioning maintenance from our highly skilled, licensed technicians. We help you keep your home or business cool, no matter the temperature outdoors.

Cooling System Preventive Maintenance Services

Regularly scheduled maintenance helps your air conditioner properly do its job, which is to create a cool, comfortable environment inside your home or business. Improper A/C maintenance can lead to equipment malfunctions and a lowered life expectancy. Our annual or semi-annual inspections, cleaning and general maintenance help keep your air conditioning system operating efficiently and effectively.

When your cooling system isn’t functioning properly, you’ll immediately notice the difference in your indoor comfort level. Our preventive maintenance service not only finds issues causing poor efficiency but can also catch potential problems before they cause a total cooling system shutdown. Regularly scheduled maintenance allows us to find and fix problems that cause:

  • Decreased airflow
  • Frequent on/off cycling
  • Moldy odors when A/C is running
  • A/C unit making strange noises
  • Outdoor fan refusing to kick on
  • Ice on the A/C unit or piping

If we find an issue with your system or your system isn’t working properly, our technicians can perform all sorts of air conditioner repairs. This includes fixing clogged drains, thermostats and/or sensor issues, wire corrosion, dirty filters or coils and other common problems. If your ailing air conditioning system is unrepairable, we also offer professional installation of air conditioning systems that are perfectly matched to the size of space you need cooled.

Keep Cool With Expert Air Conditioning Service

For skilled air conditioning service in Metro Atlanta, turn to ALH Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re based in Cumming, Georgia, but our experienced HVAC technicians serve residents and business owners throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, including Milton, Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Buford. Should your current cooling system suddenly quit, we provide 24/7 emergency services. We also have an added discount on our website for when you need to replace your filters.  Our site offers a wide variety of HVAC System Air Filters, and free shipping, directly to your home.

Contact us at 770-602-4400 to schedule routine air conditioning preventive maintenance to catch problems before they occur and keep cool all summer long.