Common Air Conditioning Issues

Repairmen working on AC

Why is my Air Conditioning not cooling ? It’s a question we get a lot at ALH Heating & Air Conditioning in Cumming, Georgia. Every model is different, but there are several common problems that could occur. It’s okay to perform basic maintenance, but some air conditioner problems require professional repair to prevent voiding your warranty. Our NATE-certified technicians can expertly diagnose, repair and maintain all major brands of air conditioners and HVAC systems.

Here are some common air conditioning issues you might experience.

Clogged/Dirty Filters

A clogged or dirty air filter is one of the most common and easily fixed issues. A clogged filter restricts airflow into and out of the system, which causes it to run longer and work harder. Over time, clogged filters can cause the system to freeze and lead to more money spent on repairs and replacement of worn parts. Changing air filters is a simple process that should be performed regularly by the homeowner. We’d be happy to show you where your filter(s) is located and how to change it. You can also order filters online for added convenience.

Blocked/Dirty Vents

Blocked or dirty vents in forced-air cooling systems restrict airflow and increase pressure on your blower motor. This increases energy usage and can cause the motor to inadequately move air throughout your home and eventually fail. Blocked vents can also cause leaking ductwork, frozen coils or compressor damage. Vacuum vents regularly to remove dust and debris, and never place furniture, rugs or other restrictive objects on top of or near vents.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is what cools the air in your air conditioner before it’s blown out through your vents and into your home. Low refrigerant may indicate a leak in your system, or it may have been undercharged during installation. Recharging refrigerant requires a trained technician, and suspected leaks should also be handled by our cooling system professionals.

Other air conditioner problems that may require professional service include:

  • Clogged drains
  • Leaking ductwork
  • Wire corrosion
  • Failing condenser or compressor
  • Faulty motor or blower assembly
  • Thermostat sensor issues

When your unit is beyond repair, we also install new cooling systems from some of the top brands in the industry, including Amana, Lennox and Rheem. We also offer affordable service agreements, extended warranties, 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantees and 24-hour emergency services. We’ve been serving businesses and residents throughout Greater Atlanta since 1973. Contact us at 770-602-4400 to discuss your air conditioning issue today.