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Keep Your Filters in Good Shape

A lot of homeowners don’t realize it, but it is very important to regularly change the filters in their home’s HVAC systems. HVAC filters are important to the system as they not only help filter out dust but they also prevent the introduction of foreign objects and other debris in the air stream, which may cause damage to the system. With time, the dust and filtered objects accumulate on the filter(s), restricting the flow of air both in and out of the system, which can be potentially harmful to the equipment. Have a qualified HVAC Service Technician let you know what type and size filter(s) your system(s) require, and especially how often they need to be changed as this differs with filter types and sizes. Your technician will be happy to show you where they are located and how to change them. So, why not make a note on your calendar so you will not forget this simple but VERY important service item.

Why Your Filters Matter

Regularly changing your HVAC filters means that the air that is flowing through the system and circulating through your home, does not have dust particles or other substances in the air stream, which can be causing allergies and other respiratory problems. When new filter(s), are installed you will be getting cleaner, fresher, and healthier air. For the sake of your health and that of your family, you need to make sure you get your HVAC system’s filter changed regularly.

Another major benefit is that you will also be saving money by changing the filters of your HVAC system. Clogged air filters restrict the proper flow of air in and out of the system, causing the system to run longer, and harder than it needs to. Over time, the system can begin to freeze in cooling mode or overheat in the heating mode. This can lead to more money spent for repairs and replacing of worn parts.

A simple filter change will increase the efficiency of the system and its overall lifespan. With a new and clean filter, the interior of the HVAC system will be cleaner and cases of debris clogged filters causing breakdowns, will be less likely.