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At ALH, we offer heating and air conditioning products from some of the biggest names in the game, including Lennox and Amana. Browse our selection of HVAC equipment below, or contact our knowledgeable team to discuss our affordable service agreements.


A residential and commercial provider of heating and cooling systems, Lennox is dedicated to engineering innovative systems that are not only exceptionally quiet, but also energy efficient. See the Lennox models we offer below.


ENERGY STAR rated with 16.2 SEER, the customer-favorite, single-stage Lennox Elite XC14 AC system helps cut down on monthly energy costs.


Designed with a Power Saver™ motor, the EL180E operates at constant torque, helping maintain a consistent flow of air for comfortable indoor temperatures – even as conditions fluctuate outside.


A variable-speed, two-stage gas furnace with an efficiency rating of 96% AFUE, the Lennox EL296V is ENERGY STAR certified, iComfort-compatible and made of ArmorTuf steel. Plus, it features a Duralok Plus heat exchanger.


Combining advanced engineering with state-of-the-art components, the CB27UH delivers optimal indoor temperature and humidity to create a more comfortable environment.


Crafted with variable-speed motors, these systems help moderate indoor temperature and humidity for you and your family’s comfort.


The XC16 gas furnace delivers ultra-quiet performance and utilizes a two-stage compressor for impressively efficient operation.


Building on the comfort and efficiency delivered by the XC16, the XP16 features a one-stage compressor for enhanced all-around performance.


Thanks to its distinctive motor, this furnace operates up to 200% more efficiently than traditional models when in constant fan mode.


Designated as one of the most efficient ENERGY STAR products in 2018, the XC20 helps prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Delivering a SEER up to 20 and 10 HSPF, the XP20 with iComfort Wi-Fi Control also makes the 2018 list of most efficient ENERGY STAR products.


Based on how cold the outdoor temperature is, the SL280V can deliver two levels of heat, using fuel carefully to accommodate your desired comfort level while keeping your home energy-smart.


Specializing in indoor comfort enhancements, Amana brand products have been available since 1934, delivering quality options with dependable performance. Learn more about each of the Amana models we offer below.


Offering up to 15 SEER energy-efficiency performance, the ASX14 features a scroll compressor and single-speed condenser fan motor for quiet operation that won’t disrupt sleep, entertaining or family time.


The AMH8 is a two-stage, multispeed gas furnace that boasts advanced TwinComfort technology, a Million-Air Heat Exchanger and SureStart Ignition System for energy efficiency.


Designed with SmartCoil condensing coils and a Copeland compressor, these high-efficiency air conditioners offer up to 16 SEER to help you make greener choices.


This two-stage, multispeed gas furnace offers 80% AFUE, a stainless-steel tubular primary heat exchanger and an electronically commutated motor for quiet comfort.


Compatible with the ComfortNet™ communication system, the ASX16C high-efficiency air conditioner offers up to 16 SEER.

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