Common Heating Problems

Drastic weather changes can wreak havoc on your heating system. But being proactive about problems before they get out of control can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on costly heating problems and also repairs. Here are some of the common problems the technicians at Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air see and how you can help to prevent or repair them.

Lack Of Maintenance And Dirty Filters – Heating Problems

Perhaps the most common cause for heating problems, poorly maintained heating systems often result in urgent repairs. Ensuring that your filters are changed regularly and scheduling routine inspections can prevent things from getting out of hand. Having dirty or clogged filters prevents air from circulating effectively. It may even damage the limit switch, which is the part that controls the fan. Not sure how to change your filters? Our friendly technicians can help, or take advantage of our semi-annual service plan, which includes routine inspection and maintenance.

Heat Isn’t Coming On At All

If the heat doesn’t seem to be coming on at all, before contacting a heating repair technician, take a look at your thermostat. When the screen is blank, the solution may be to replace the battery. If that doesn’t work, check the circuit breaker for a tripped fuse.

Heating Problems – The Pilot Light Is Out

If the pilot light is out, it could be due to thermocouple problems, clogs or something as simple as a draft. Check the area around your heating unit for drafts from nearby windows or doors, and do what you can to block the draft. If that doesn’t help, contact our qualified technicians to diagnose the problem.

Reliable Repairs, Installation And 24/7 Emergency Service

If you need heating repairs or installation you can trust, contact our experienced team at Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air Conditioning. Our expert technicians can diagnose your heating problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can get your heat back on as quickly as possible. Contact us online today for a free heating system estimate or heat pump repair, or if you need 24/7 emergency service, call us at 770-738-7513.

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