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As a home or business owner, you prioritize the health of your home for the people within it. Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air has served Roswell residents and homeowners for over 45 years. Trusting companies and their employees to work in your home is not always easy. Still, we have longtime customers who can vouch for our loyalty, trustworthiness, and efficiency in fixing your HVAC problems. All our technicians are NATE certified (North American Technician Excellence), which means they are trained and trusted as HVAC servicemen. Residents of Roswell, Georgia, let Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air enhance your home through HVAC repair, replacement, additional add-ons, maintenance services, or filter replacements. Trust your local heating and air choice in Roswell, GA.

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HVAC Repair in Roswell, Georgia

Sometimes, the heat of Roswell, Georgia, can be brutal, and the winter cold can sneak up on us. Sudden changes in weather requiring more of your HVAC system can lead to issues with your system, especially an older, outdated system. We are here for you—no one likes to spend time in a poorly air-conditioned home. Comfort is key to making a house a home, and we believe taking care of your HVAC is the first step. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a repair may be in your future:

  • The temperature does not stay consistent with what it is set at.
  • Excess dust in your home.
  • Loud noises or foul smells are coming from your system.
  • Extreme outdoor temperatures with an older unit.
  • The unit is running all day and night without shutting off.
  • Humidity levels have increased or decreased significantly.
  • There is weak airflow when the system is on.
  • Significantly higher utility bills.

From our experience, these are the most significant ‘tell-tale’ signs of an HVAC issue. If you are experiencing one of these in your Roswell home, Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air is ready to help. Do not wait—the warm months are approaching quickly, which is our busiest time. If you catch your problems early, you can go into the summer knowing your HVAC is prepared to face whatever temperatures Roswell, Georgia, offers.

HVAC Replacement in Roswell, Georgia

Not only do we repair HVAC units, but we replace and install them for those looking to upgrade or whose current unit is too old to fix. Replacing a unit can be an investment, but we offer to finance and are very transparent with our quotes and what your money will be going to. We install Bryant products because they have proven time and time again to be the best products for the best prices and last a very long time. Here are a few signs that your system may need to be replaced even after a technician has repaired or evaluated your system:

  • Your utility bills are still climbing. If the repairs aren’t making the system more energy efficient, its lifetime may be reaching its end.
  • The home has inconsistent temperatures regularly. Your system shouldn’t have to work all day and night to cool the home, so if it seems to be on and still not reaching its desired temperature, there may be a more significant issue with the system’s capacity to do so.
  • Every year you need new parts and repair service. A typical unit should not need constant repairs—if it does, it may be damaging itself as it cannot keep up with the outside temperatures, usually due to old age. The systems we can install will have a warranty and be much more energy-efficient and run less often, which means fewer repair costs!

If you are ready for a quote or even to have a technician evaluate if replacing is right for you, Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air can get out to your home as soon as possible to provide a free in-home quote and help you through the process of understanding what is best for your home.

Having Any Of These HVAC Issues In Roswell?

  • AC Unit Cycling On / Off
  • Unit Not Blowing Cold Air
  • AC Freezing Up
  • Air Conditioning Unit Leaking
  • Compressor Damage
  • Air Conditioning Unit Dying

We are your local Roswell AC repair choice. If you are experiencing any of the above issues give us a call. One of our technicians will get your AC system up and running in no time.

Maintaining HVAC Systems in Roswell, Georgia

In addition to repair and replacement, we want to help you maintain your system each year to reduce the chance of repair or replacement! Maintenance checks and cleaning have been shown to make a significant difference in a system’s lifespan and repair demands. Routine cleaning will ensure your system is ready for the season ahead and reduce the chance of a part breaking or a refrigerant issue. Our maintenance customers of Roswell, Georgia, rarely have repair calls when they have us visit them twice a year for maintenance. Our yearly maintenance plan includes:

  • Two visits a year—Fall and Spring Checks
  • Priority Service
  • Discounted Parts

Utilizing our plan can reduce energy costs on bills, create a longer life for your equipment, and fix minor problems before they become too big. You can cancel your plan after each year—there is no ‘contract’ attached! Let’s be proactive together and prioritize the health of your HVAC system!

Scheduling your Maintenance Visit – Heating & Air Roswell, GA

If you are a part of our plan or even want a one-time service, you will receive a rundown of everything we will check and clean on your unit. Here are a few of the excellent services done during your visit:

  • Clean condensing coil and heat strips
  • Clean our condensation drains
  • Check the refrigerant levels
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Measure temperature split
  • Check both indoor and outdoor coils
  • Tighten any electrical connections and ensure they are safe
  • Safety check on all devices
  • Apply a protective coat to unit
  • Adjust the gas pressure of the unit

These precautions thoroughly prepare you for the season ahead. Don’t get caught up with broken parts—make sure you are ready! Maintaining your system can be the answer to ending your bad luck with HVAC systems. Don’t let damages ruin your system, and don’t let your system work harder than it needs to. We are here to help with all these concerns and issues.

Our Pledge to Residents of Roswell Georgia

We hold ourselves to the highest standard at Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air with our customer service. We believe prioritizing our customers is the key to a successful business—we are transparent, loyal, trustworthy, and professional in everything we do. Our technicians have been trained to serve you to the best ability and utmost respect. Roswell, Georgia, residents have been loyal customers of Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air for almost half a century. We only want to uphold that reputation with our newest customers.

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Look no further for help with your unit. Your house is a place of comfort, so it should feel that way too! Don’t let HVAC issues get you down. Call Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air today! We can schedule a service, sign you up for a maintenance service, advise on replacements, and set you up to speak with a technician If you have additional questions. We are ready to serve you! Call today!

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When you choose Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air, you can be sure you receive the best care. We offer:

  • Over 47 years of service
  • On-time HVAC service
  • Reasonable and Competitive Prices
  • Financing options with approved Credit
  • HVAC Technicians: Trained, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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