Furnace Repair

We’ve all been there. You awaken one cold morning to a frigid house with no heat. The furnace was working last night but making odd noises or occasionally restarting itself. Was that a warning? The furnace repair experts at Andy Lewis/Hobson Heating & Air (ALH) not only have 40-plus years’ experience fixing furnaces, but hear all the stories and know the tell-tale signs of pending trouble.

Common Furnace Problems

There are many reasons why furnaces fail, but a few are more commonplace.

Lack of Maintenance: You’ve invested thousands in a home heating system but don’t check it annually for optimal operation. Ignoring this critical task typically leads to unexpected breakdowns and wasteful energy use. When ALH repair technicians ask a homeowner when they last had a broken furnace inspected, most don’t know or say three to five years ago. That’s risky.

Dirty or Clogged Filters: Dirty filters restrict airflow causing the furnace to work harder to circulate heat through the home. Ideally, dirty filters should be replaced with clean ones monthly; minimally, four times a year.

Mechanical Wear and Tear: Parts that continually move, such as belts and bearings, can wear out causing overheating or airflow problems. They’re often the cause of odd noises. Squeaking or thumping is not normal, and may indicate a larger mechanical problem. It’s better to call for service before the next cold snap than risk a broken furnace when all emergency service lines are busy.

No Pilot Light; Poor Ignition: There are two types of ignition control systems: hot surface or intermittent pilot. Regardless of which the furnace employs, a malfunction can result in intermittent or no heat.

Thermostat Failure: Modern units employ multiple temperature settings, start times, and have graduated heating governed by sophisticated built-in sensors. Many “no heat” calls are thermostat-related problems. Part of an annual furnace inspection includes the performance of the thermostat.

For Furnace Repair Expertise

Regardless of the cause, Andy Lewis/Hobson’s specially-trained service technicians provide emergency furnace repairs 24/7 on all major brands to residents in Cummings, Milton, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Buford, GA. Representing Bryant and Bryant products, ALH also sells new heat and air conditioning systems in addition to maintenance agreements and extended service warranties for existing systems. Both light industrial and commercial accounts complement residential service. The focus is on good people doing a good job for an outstanding value. Contact us today.

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