Heat Pump

Heat Pumps Keep You Comfortable

We find that heat pumps are an ideal choice for bringing comfort to your home through an electric energy source instead of gas. Your home is ensured to be warmed during our upcoming cold winter months and cooled during the hot summer months. This energy-efficient alternative is ideal for climates like ours that need moderate heating and cooling needs. With almost 50 years in the air conditioning heating industry, Andy Lewis Hobson can help design the plan to give you the comfortable and cozy home environment you desire.

What are my options when it comes to heat pumps at Andy Lewis Hobson?

Andy Lewis Hobson carries air conditioning and heating products by Bryant. With over 100 years of air conditioning experience, Bryant continues to deliver efficient heating and cooling systems. These systems keep your home or business environment cool in the summer and warm in the winter. All of Bryant’s cooling products offer high-efficiency performance, comfort, and exceptional value. Bryant offers several highly durable models to choose from. All of which meet the Energy Star standards and have also earned Consumer’s Digest Best Buy status.

Our first option features the Evolution Extreme Heat Pump which qualified as an Energy Star Most Efficient 2014 model for its premium comfort and energy savings. Our second option features the Preferred Heat Pump which offers efficiency and affordability with its customizable comfort settings for winter and summer. Lastly, our third option features a Legacy Heat Pump which will bring comfort to your home along with efficient electric heating and cooling year-round.

How will my home benefit?

Here at Andy Lewis Hobson, we prioritize your family’s happiness with our HVAC service. We would not recommend a product without the many benefits and home improvements that it provides.

  1. Safety: We value your family’s safety and want to provide you with an option that will ensure it. Gas furnaces are vulnerable to toxic gas leaks which could cause dangerous fires and even explosions. A heat pump on the other hand runs on electricity which can prevent your family from health-related issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning.
  2. Noise Control: Ready to replace your incredibly noisy old air conditioner? Heat pumps are designed to produce a very minimal amount of noise while operating. The best part is, they are still engineered to be efficient! This means we can have the best of both worlds when it comes to heat pumps.
  3. Efficiency: Our heat pumps are electric which means they do not rely on fossil fuels to produce your warm and cold air. As a result, you will utilize less electricity when compared to other systems. You will also be helping the environment in the process by reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses that are released every year.
  4. Air Output: Why waste money on maintaining and installing a separate furnace and air conditioner? This system is engineered to produce warm and cold air! This single system will ultimately save our customers money and the hassle of upkeep.
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Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system are so crucial to your family’s comfort. Without well-maintained systems, your home will become uncomfortable, your power bills will skyrocket, and you’ll risk damage in severe weather. Trust our experience with heating and air services in Cumming, GA to help you increase your comfort. If heat pumps intrigue you, call Andy Lewis Hobson for more information, schedule an installation, or ask about pricing. Our technicians are excited to serve the residents of Cumming, GA, and revolutionize your home’s heat pump system.

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