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Cumming, Georgia, is a great place to live and observe the seasonal changes in the weather. A well-maintained heating and cooling system are vital to your comfort as the temperatures rise and fall. Andy Lewis/Hobson Heating & Air Conditioning’s experienced technicians can ensure your family stays comfortable all year long. We are your #1 choice for heating and cooling services in Cumming, GA.

Many people don’t think too much about their heating and cooling system until it breaks down, but ignoring your system can raise your energy bills considerably. Advances in technology have increased the functionality of HVAC systems. Even if your outdated unit has been meticulously maintained, the cost of operating it is higher than it would be with a new unit. You might balk at the price of replacing it, but lower utility bills will compensate for the initial investment.

Does My Air Conditioner Need To Be Serviced/Repaired?

Experts generally recommend replacing outdated models and repairing newer defective units. The power company can provide you with charts to show usage for the past year or more, allowing you to make accurate comparisons over an extended period of time.

Blowers can fail due to dirty filters and coils, and broken thermostats make temperature regulation impossible until they are repaired. A low refrigerant level indicates you have a leak, which is bad for you, the unit and the environment. Clogged condensation lines and corroded or loose connections require professional repairs.

How Can I Tell If My Heater Or Furnace Needs To Be Serviced/Repaired?

A unit that won’t turn on is obviously broken, but many other telltale signs indicate the need for repair. Annual or semi-annual maintenance checks are essential to taking care of your furnace. If a professional has not serviced the unit within the past 12 months, contact one today! Our experienced technicians can help to avert future problems by performing regular maintenance services.

For example, a defective thermostat can leave your unit inoperable, but that can be prevented during a maintenance appointment. If the furnace will not heat or doesn’t come on at all or you have difficulty with the blower not coming on, you definitely need professional repair services.

What HVAC Replacement Options Are Available?

If your heating and cooling system is outdated or separate, you should consider investing in an integrated HVAC system. At ALH, our staff will gladly install a new system for your home or office. We carry a wide range of Amana, Rheem, and also Lennox systems, and our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to install all of the major brands.

Instead of worrying about your heating and cooling system, contact ALH today for a consultation. Our professional staff can help you choose the best system for your comfort and also within your budget!  We have financing available, should that be an option you would be interested in, call our office for details.

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