Humidity & Your Home

The Hot, Humid Summer is Here!

As Georgia residents, ‘humid’ is a regular part of our vocabulary. With every day into summer, the air becomes moist and also very miserable. Now, imagine your home’s humidity control losing its ability to control the air circulating in your house. Your HVAC unit should be keeping up with the outside moisture levels, and your home should be a haven from the summer heat. If you notice your house has become ‘wet’ and overly hot, your HVAC unit may not be controlling the humidity correctly—this can become a huge problem. Not only a threat to your comfort, but humidity levels over 40-50% can result in mold growth within your home. Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air can help detect potential damage and also keep you and your family safe in your home.

Signs of Poor Humidity Control

The summer months are the most common to see humidity issues within the home. If you need help determining what may be causing the increased humidity in the house, these are the most probable causes:

  • Dirty Coils—cleaning the coils on an HVAC machine can save you from many future problems. Coils are the primary part of the system responsible for the dehumidification of the air. If it is dirty, the particles stuck on the coil will prevent the water from being removed from the air as it circulates through.
  • Oversized HVAC unit—bigger is not always better for HVAC. If it is too big for the home, it won’t run long enough for the air to be dehumidified regularly.
  • Limited Speed Controls—if your unit has limited settings and controls, it will run as fast as it can to cool the room, therefore not allowing time to remove the water vapor.
  • An Old Unit—when units creep past ten years without regular maintenance; their typical functions may also slowly decline inefficiency. Dehumidification is one of the first features your unit may lose as it spends its limited energy on cooling.
  • Insufficient Ductwork—if there is a leak in the ductwork, hot and humid air can seep into the ducts and infiltrate the air being pushed into each room of the house. Increased moist air may not be tolerable for your unit to remove all of the excess water vapor.

Your Next Steps For Humidity Control

Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air can help you take the following steps of dehumidifying your home in many ways.

  • Call a technician to your home. If you aren’t sure of the cause, or what to do about the humidity, a technician is happy to evaluate your unit and home. Because it could stem from many additional problems, a complete inspection can give you the most comprehensive understanding of how your HVAC system operates.
  • Be thorough when buying a new unit. Some units may have a prettier price tag, but if they have limited controls, you will have humidity problems every summer. The newer, more advanced systems will be more of an investment but have a longer life while requiring fewer repair calls regarding humidity or also other common issues.
  •  Check your thermostat to see its humidity settings. An easy fix could be that the system is set to the wrong humidity level. Humidity should not be over 50% or under 30%.
  • Install an additional dehumidifier to your system. We also specialize in installing humidifiers, purifiers, and dehumidifiers as ‘add-ons’ to your current system. These are recommended if humidity is a constant issue each summer season, even if your system is newer. If the only problem with your system is its humidity control, it may be better to add on to the unit rather than upgrading the whole thing.

Humidity Control Experts

Our technicians can give their expert opinion on what is best for your system. You can take many paths, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, read additional posts and also extra information on HVAC humidity, and contact us if you need our help!

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