Our Top-Rated HVAC Team

Meet our top-rated HVAC team. Our Best People are here to serve you.

Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air has had the Best People, Best Job, and Best Value since 1973. Our people are what make Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air YOUR best choice in Cumming, GA, and the surrounding areas. We have a top-rated HVAC team that is ready to serve you and your home.

Top-Rated HVAC Team Operations

Kim Holcombe, Office Manager

Kim Holcombe

Kim is the office manager at Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air.  She handles accounts payable and also receivable, payroll, and human resources.

Kim has been with Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air for 24 years!  She has been in the HVAC industry for 28 years.  Currently, she is in her 3rd year of earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources.

The thing Kim likes most about her job is that all the employees at ALH are like her 2nd family. She likes that they perform their job duties and also have a good time while working! 
Kim enjoys spending time with her family, playing with her grandchildren, and watching them grow.  She also enjoys crocheting, hunting, fishing, and watching UGA football, softball, and volleyball.

  • What made Kim decide to get into the HVAC business? 

There was no major decision other than I was looking for a job and there was an opening with an HVAC company and I took the position. At the time I knew nothing about HVAC, I have learned a lot over the last 28 years.

  • What are some common problems that Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air solves for customers?

Unit not cooling due to frozen evaporator coil, dirty filter, or a refrigerant leak
Replace capacitor and motor
Replace gas valve
Clean evaporator and condenser coils
We offer a Service Agreement where we come out in the spring to service the condenser and in the fall to service the furnace.

Top- Rated HVAC Service Department

Chris Sheets, Technician Supervisor

Richard Rushing, Service Technician

Richard Rushing

Richard has been with ALH for 24 years and has been in the HVAC industry for 33 years. He has held a State of Georgia HVAC license since 1996, and he also attends classes every year to learn the newest technologies and skills. 

Richard served in the United States Army as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, and we sincerely appreciate his service! He and his wife have been married for 28 years, and they enjoy spending time with their family, attending church events, and any outdoor activity. Richard is an avid hunter, as well as fishing and camping. 

We are so proud of Richard, and we look forward to many more successes with the ALH family!

Brent Miller, Service Technician

Brent Miller

Luis Morales Sanchez, Service Technician

Chris James (Cutty), Service Technician

Chris James

William Kirby, Service Technician

Jeff Hinkley, Service Technician

Top-Rated HVAC Team Office Staff

Katie Dickson, Dispatch

Katie Dickson

Peggy James, Customer Service Representative

Hali Parnell, Customer Service Representative

Jackie Sutton, Customer Service Representative

Jackie Sutton

Meet Jackie!

– What is your job at Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air? How do you relate to customers and their satisfaction?
I am an Account Manager. I work daily with every customer to evaluate our service and also build a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

– How long have you been with Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air?
Almost six months.

– How much training do you have in the HVAC industry?
I have been working in the HVAC industry for over three years.

– What is your education related to HVAC and making it better for customers?
I have worked in several industries that help in protecting our homes. I have worked with every facet of a home, from the crawlspace to the attic. Staring with the home’s structural integrity to the purest water that we drink from our faucets—even backing up the HVAC system when there is no power. 

– What do you like most about your job?
Getting to know our customers and also helping them protect one of the most significant purchases in their life- THEIR HOME.

– What do you like to do for fun?
Family time! Outings with my six grandchildren. Also being a Scout leader for over 20 years.

– What made you decide to get Into the HVAC business?
Our homes are our SAFE place.  I enjoy helping customers have a healthier and also more comfortable home space.

Carigan Bennett, Marketing Manager

Carigan Bennett

Julia Blitch, Lead Dispatch

Julia Blitch

Robby Brush, Retail Operations Manager

Robby Brush

Meet Robby!
Robby is the Retail Operations Manager at Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air. He helps customers with any questions or concerns that they may have.
Robby has been with Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air for 10 years. He has 34 years of management, customer service, and also field service in the HVAC industry.
Robby likes helping customers with their questions and concerns. He also enjoys educating them about HVAC, IAQ, and the maintenance of their systems.
For fun, Robby likes working air shows pyrotechnics with a commemorative air force and being an aircraft pilot.
Robby got into the HVAC business when a friend started an HVAC company. They needed help setting up the administration for dispatch, customer service, and Human Resources. 

RNC Supervisors

Yonatan Gutierrez, Residential New Construction

Woody McCart, Residential New Construction

Woody McCart

Woody is a Residential New Construction Supervisor here at Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air.  He oversees the installation of new systems for homes that have just been built.  Woody has been with Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air for 24 years this coming March! He has been in the HVAC industry since the 1970s.
Woody is looking forward to retirement!  Currently, he is a part-time Supervisor and also spends his time off relaxing.  Woody enjoys visiting friends in Biloxi, Mississippi, watching the Georgia Bulldogs play, and also spending time with his family.

Jimmy Strange, Residential New Construction

Barry Davis, Senior Comfort Engineer

Nelson Gutierrez, Residential New Construction


Rusty Satterfield, Production Manager

Rusty is the Production Manager for ALH’s residential new construction homes. He makes sure things go as planned while helping his fellow employees with any problems that pop up. He meets with builder partners to go over plans, ease any concerns, rectify problems, and also keep quality at the level expected. Rusty has been with ALH since March of this year but he has been in the HVAC business for 35 years. He’s held numerous positions in residential and also light commercial along with 27 certifications including Universal Technician, Duct Design, Load Calculations, and numerous machine-specific certifications. According to Rusty, he didn’t plan on getting into HVAC; a friend of his worked in the industry in the mid-’80s and also needed help with duct insulation. He started learning the different jobs in heating and air and never looked back!”

Mitch Ledford, Purchasing Manager

Jason Munday, Wearhouse Manager

New Construction/ Retail

Todd Smith, Construction Technician

Phil Thomas, Construction Technician