Whole-home humidifiers work with your heating and cooling system to add moisture to the air and balance humidity levels throughout your home. Investing in a whole-house humidifier installation provides healthier air for you and your family and often allows you to turn down your thermostat. As HVAC experts serving Cumming, GA, and also the Greater Atlanta metro area, Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air can assist you in choosing and installing a humidifier that best fits your needs based on the size of your home.

How Whole House Humidifiers Work

When you install a whole-house humidifier, it constantly monitors the relative humidity of your home to deliver the perfect amount of moisture in every room with air ducts. Humidifier options include bypass and power units. A bypass humidifier works with your furnace fan or air handler to distribute humidified air throughout the ductwork in your home. A power humidifier works independently of your heating and cooling system by using a built-in fan to distribute the humidified air, even when your HVAC system isn’t running. Unlike portable humidifiers, a whole-house humidifier adds moisture to your entire house instead of a single area.

Benefits Of Whole-Home Humidifiers

A home with low humidity levels can negatively impact your health and your home. Without enough moisture in the air, your skin and airways may dry out and leave you vulnerable to colds and also respiratory problems. Air that’s too dry can also cause cracks in your wood furniture, flooring, drywall, and plaster, leading to costly repairs. Low humidity can also make your indoor air temperature feel colder, which may prompt you to turn up the heat, further drying out the air and increasing your heating costs. Prime benefits of a whole-house humidifier installation include:

  • Reduced allergies
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Softer skin
  • Reduced static electricity
  • Improved warmth and comfort
  • Preservation of wood furniture and floors
  • Reduced energy bills

Humidifier Installation, Maintenance, And Repair

Our trained heating and cooling technicians help you choose an appropriate whole-home humidifier, then professionally install your unit. Whole house humidifiers are reliable and surprisingly easy to maintain. There’s not much that can go wrong with them, so any necessary repairs are generally simple and inexpensive. Most repairs we perform are due to the homeowner forgetting to change the humidifier’s filter or pad or a problem with the electrical portion of the system.

We do recommend performing routine maintenance, including cleaning your humidifier at least annually. We also recommend checking for leaks periodically. It is important that you keep your filter/pad clean and properly installed. If your humidifier has a permanent filter, your cleaning schedule varies; the same is true on replacement schedules for disposable filters. We can help you determine an appropriate schedule based on your usage and contaminants being collected in the filter. In need of service? We repair new and existing whole-home humidifiers. If your old system can’t be repaired, we also sell whole-home humidifiers from top brands in the industry.

Your Heating and Cooling Experts

Since 1973, we’ve been serving residential and light commercial customers with the products they need to keep their interiors comfortable year-round. Is the air in your home is dry and causing an unhealthy environment? Trust our expert technicians to assist you with your humidification needs. Contact us for more information about our whole-home humidifier installation options today.

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