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Spring Is In The Air – Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Winter is ending, so we can all give a big sigh of relief–warm temperatures are here! Well, most of us are relieved. With Spring comes allergies and pollens that many despise. Allergens can turn spring fun into head colds, sneezing, and runny noses. Andy Lewis/Hobson Heating & Air installs new HVAC systems, cleans your current systems, and repairs any broken parts. Still, many do not know that we have additional skills and services to help modulate your indoor air quality. This time of year, we get an overload of calls with clients asking about air purification and humidification. If you have loved ones that suffer from allergies or your system is struggling to filter the air, investing in our services may be your next best step. We are your local choice for indoor air quality solutions in Cumming, GA, and also the surrounding areas.

Reasons To Improve IAQ

  1. Someone in your home, or office, is sensitive to pollens, dust, allergens, or even pets. Improving indoor air quality can significantly reduce the number of pollutants inhaled with every breath! Your roommates, family, or coworkers will thank you!
  2. You have noticed dust accumulating and settling in your home. This is a sign of poor filtration, leaving excess particles in the air circulating throughout the house. Enhancing the filtration system can save you hours of dusting!
  3. Scratchy throats and headaches have become more common. Symptoms of a cold, like headaches, sore throats, and sneezing, could be due to air quality. Especially if these symptoms seem prolonged, it may be time to check the air filtration.
  4. You are proactive in keeping your family safe from sicknesses and viruses. Our indoor air quality services will clean your air of viruses and harmful bacteria as well. We want your family healthy and safe in your own home.

How We Can Help – Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We have a variety of solutions that will fit your needs in your home. Here are a few options we offer our customers:

  • Order your filters from our website. Your HVAC system should be regularly maintained, and the filters need replacing. If your system is working efficiently, the filters will fill with dust and pollutants that your system prevents from circulating elsewhere. Clogged filters pressure the system to work harder, and more particles will be freely moving throughout the air vents.
  • Install a Bryant Air Purifier. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we are equipped to install any of Bryant’s IAQ products in your home. We trust Bryant’s products as they are the best on the market. Bryant carries two lines of purifiers, Legacy and Evolution, which have distinct characteristics and benefits that can accommodate your home. These systems are usually installed as a part of your heat pump or HVAC unit so that you won’t have another big, bulky piece of equipment taking up any more space!
  • Install a Bryant Dehumidifier/Humidifier. If your air has felt particularly dry or overly moist, you may need a product that can modulate the amount of water in the air. Bryant humidifying products can be installed with or without an HVAC system and controlled similarly to an HVAC unit. These products will reduce sicknesses and make it easier to breathe!
  • Schedule a maintenance visit. It is always wise to keep your system regularly checked and cleaned. With seasonal maintenance, your system will be circulating clean air efficiently throughout the home.

Make 2022 The Best Year Yet

Not only will these new installations improve your season, but these will last you years of use and clean air! Many of our customers say that making this decision made a world of difference in their home life. At Andy Lewis/Hobson Heating & Air, we value safety and health for our customers and team over everything. We want to encourage you to take steps to make your home a healthier place! Call us today for quotes, schedule a visit, or speak to a technician for more information.

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