Smart Thermostat

When your heating or cooling unit doesn’t turn on as it should, several components could be the cause of the problem. Thermostat failure is a common cause of air conditioner or furnace repairs. A malfunctioning thermostat is often overlooked. So it’s one of the first things our trained technicians at Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air in Cumming, GA, look for during a service call. Whether you need repair or are exploring new thermostat options for your home we can get the job done.

Thermostat Options

Thermostats operate through sophisticated built-in sensors that control multiple temperature settings. Therefore a defective thermostat leaves your unit inoperable. We are an authorized dealer of Bryant, Bryant, and also Bryant products. We sell, service, and also maintain a variety of heating and cooling equipment. At ALH we also install the latest smart technology thermostats produced by these companies, including Wi-Fi-capable thermostats that let you control your home’s temperature almost anywhere you go.

Bryant Thermostat Options

When paired with premium Bryant equipment, Bryant iComfort® series thermostats make your home more comfortable and also more efficient. Their easy-to-use touchscreen controls the panel. These thermostats offer versatile programming options for custom comfort levels and optimal energy savings. Because they’re Wi-Fi capable, you can also monitor and adjust your home’s temperature using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop while on the go from almost anywhere. Other perks of iComfort® thermostats include:

  • Built-in filter reminder tells you when it’s time to change the filter.
  • Customizable reminders let you set a series of service and parts replacement reminders.
  • Email alerts remind your dealer when service is needed and provide detailed diagnostics.
  • Climate IQ® technology monitors humidity levels and works with a whole-house humidity system to remove excess moisture from the air and adjust your home’s humidity level.
  • Auto changeover function decides between heating and cooling operations based on indoor temperature.
  • Dual-fuel capability increases efficiency by automatically alternating between electric and gas operation.

iComfort® series thermostats hold the temperature of your home to within 0.5 degrees of its setting to ensure a more comfortable environment and come with a five-year limited warranty.

Bryant Thermostats

Our Classic Plus® series by Bryant is designed to operate with the EcoNet® smart thermostat. The easy-to-use touchscreen EcoNet® thermostat is the only thermostat smart enough to control all your Bryant heating, cooling, and water heating equipment to maximize efficiency and guarantee your indoor comfort. It also supports humidifier and dehumidification accessories for optimal moisture levels. Since it’s Wi-Fi enabled, remote access with the EcoNet® App allows you to adjust your home’s temperature settings and overall comfort from almost anywhere using any mobile device. Bryant offers many great thermostat options. Other great features include:

  • Convenient voice control enables voice commands through Alexa with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot devices.
  • Simple 7-day programmable scheduling provides comfort without continually having to think about it.
  • A motion sensor automatically wakes the screen as you walk up to the unit.
  • Remote temperature sensing promotes energy savings.
  • Automatic changeover switches between heating and cooling to keep your home comfortable based on the indoor temperature.
  • Smooth arrival prompts your heating and cooling system to start ahead of schedule to ensure your home is at your desired temperature when you arrive.
  • Active monitoring alerts you to problems that need immediate attention via your phone or email, including air filtering monitoring and service alerts for routine maintenance needs.
  • Built-in short-cycle protection helps avoid equipment damage due to short run cycles.
  • 5-year limited parts warranty from date of installation when paired with a Bryant system.

Bryant Thermostats

Bryant brand thermostats include ComfortNet™ high-definition digital thermostats that work with a variety of Bryant heating and cooling equipment. ComfortNet™ thermostats feature advanced system configuration with simplified control and built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to operate your equipment remotely with a free mobile app. The smart scheduling feature lets you program your thermostat to fit any lifestyle and includes an API for third-party monitoring and control. Other advantages of the ComfortNet™ series include:

  • Active onboard diagnostics let you know when something needs attention.
  • Customizable service reminders alert you to routine maintenance needs.
  • Onboard humidification and dehumidification control.
  • Advanced modulation and staging controls.
  • Energy management recovery with heat and cool cycle rate adjustments, auxiliary heat lockout, and maximum heat and minimum cool set-point temperatures.

Smart Thermostat Installation In Cumming, GA

Andy Lewis / Hobson Heating & Air has been serving residential and commercial customers throughout metro Atlanta since 1973. If your heating and cooling unit isn’t operating as it should, it could be your thermostat. We can replace your malfunctioning thermostat with a smart thermostat for easy, efficient home comfort control on the go. Contact us at 770-738-7513 for more information about our smart thermostat options today.

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